Cakes are our passion so we are particularly careful when making cakes to order for your sweet events and occasions. We always use the fresh and natural ingredients in our cakes.

Because we strive to produce daily fresh and seasonally coloured confectionery, we apologise in advance if the cake of your choice is not available at the moment.

We try very hard to fulfil your wishes, whether it is a cake for Sunday lunch, a popular hero from a fairytale for your grandchild or your dream wedding cake. Our confectioners are true masters in making such cakes from cream as well as from sugar mass. By agreement we also make raw and gluten-free cakes, and cake decorations according to your wishes.
We will be delighted if you place your order for a sweet masterpiece at our coffee-house’s Reception or call us on the telephone number 02 614 15 00, so that we can listen to all your wishes and make them come true.


*In the case of changed circumstances, we reserve the right to change the prices of cakes.

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